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Burney Presbyterian Church

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Who We Are


Who are we at BPC?
Ages: 1-16: 5
Ages: 17-25: 2
Ages: 26-40: 5
Ages: 41-60: 22
Ages: 61 & up: 18
BPC has a worship service that is a mixture of contemporary and traditional music. We are lead by a six member Praise Team. In addition, vocal solos, duets and instrumentals are featured. We average between 45-55 in attendance.
Our active Sunday school features an adult class of about 12 and a teen class of about 8. We have two mid-week Bible studies.
Our deacons assist in a local food bank and plan several events during the year. Two of these events are yearly highlights. The first is in October, with our community invited Harvest Dinner. In December, we feature a Christimas Bazaar.
Two seasonal events that are always eagerly expected are Easter and Christmas. Our Easter day begins early in the morning atop Hatchet mountain. Here, we can view a sunrise over Burney Mountain and the valley below. This service has seen a variety of weather. Some times the weather is picture perfect, with the sun just peeking over Burney Mountain. At other times, snow is our companion.
Christmas highlights the end of the year with the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service. This is open to the community and we often see attendance close to 100.
We have about 24 tithing familes with an average per capita family giving of $2600.00.
We have a mixture of various denominations worshipping with us. We are open to all. Come, join us!


Burney Falls State Park--8 miles from downtown Burney


Burney Creek--runs through town


Lassen National Park--35 minutes from Burney


Jackrabbit Flat--on the west edge of Burney is a popular fishing and hiking area

Check our calendar page for listings of events.

Burney Presbyterian Church * 20435 Marquette Street * P.O. Box 1240 * Burney * CA * 96013
530 335 2271