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Burney Presbyterian Church

The Burney Presbyterian Church is committed to Jesus Christ and seeks through the power of the Holy Spirit to be a faithful witness to Him in the world - enabling others to come to know Him as Savior and inspiring all to follow Him as Lord.


Pine Parish Sanctuary

Someone once said, "The Burney Presbterian Church is where the community's heart is."  The church's many years of ministry explains how that statement could be true.  Hopefully our church will be the place where you too find your heart and your heart's longing for God satifsfied.
While our lovely stained glass sanctuary draws those hearts towards heaven, its wood tones remind us that earth is our place of ministry just as it was for Jesus Christ.  We think of ourselves as a friendly church that tries to make his gospel understandable and relevant to the lives of others.  We like to enjoy ourselves but that doesn't mean that our faith involves little more than having a good time.  There are times when our tears remind us that the best thing about our faith is that it holds us together when the world around us is falling apart.
Through our laughter and tears we want to represent God rightly and not be afraid of doing so because of mistakes we might make.  Aware of our own shortcomings we seek to forgive those in others, especially our brothers and sisters in Christ.  We feel that the cause of Christ can be best served if all Christians could dwell on those things they have in common rather than those things they do not. 


Fellowship Hall

Sunday Worship Schedule

Worship Service 10:30am


Front of BPC showing Sanctuary


Back of BPC showing entrance, fellowship hall and parking


Pastors Office--Secretary Office & Educational Wing

Burney Presbyterian Church * 20435 Marquette Street * P.O. Box 1240 * Burney * CA * 96013
530 335 2271